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We're glad you are visiting.  Just like our scouts, we are finding new ways to keep the adventure going.  You are welcome to look over our information in the menus to the left.
Our troop meets on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm with our First Class Trail (FCT) scouts meeting at 6:00 pm.
We meet at the Pollard UMC Merket Scout Center, 3107 New Copeland Road, across from Pollard United Methodist Church.
If you would like more information, feel free to contact Scoutmaster John Fowler at or cell 361-960-4321

Patrol Leaders Council Zoom Meeting, Monday, Feb 22nd

Posted by admin on Feb 21 2021 - 10:23pm

          Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) Zoom Meeting
The Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) will hold their first zoom meeting on Monday, February 22 at 6:30pm.  There will not be a full Troop Meeting on this night.  If you are a member of the PLC, please look for an email with the Zoom meeting information on Monday.  The PLC includes the SPL, ASPLs, Patrol Leaders and assistant PLs, and Troop Staff members.

Much of this meeting will involve setting up the troop events and activities schedule for the coming months, decide on campouts, and discuss Summer Camp weeks and locations.  Contact Cooper C for your questions about being on his leadership team.  For other questions, contact Mr. Fowler.
Mr. Fowler

Merit Badge Fun At Ms. Cece's

Posted by admin on Feb 10 2021 - 8:59pm

Let's have some fun this weekend...
This Saturday, we have an opportunity for Scouts to earn some merit badges out at Ms. Cece's place.  We will meet at 8am at the Scout Hut and jump out to the ranch shortly before 9am.  Weather merit badge and Automotive Maintenance merit badge will be offered in the morning and after a good lunch prepared by Mr. Garrity, Search & Rescue merit badge will start at 1pm.  We will wrap it all up about 4pm and head back to the Scout Hut, arriving by 5p. We do plan to complete our weekend before the weather takes a dive. Sign up on the right if you are coming so we can plan the lunch menu. See you there.
Mr. Fowler 

Scout Sunday at Pollard UMC, Tomorrow morning - Feb. 7th, 8:30am

Posted by admin on Feb 6 2021 - 5:42pm

Scout Sunday at Pollard UMC, Tomorrow morning - Feb. 7th, 8:30am

A Scout is Reverent
- This Sunday morning at 8:30am, the three 369 units, Troops 369B (boys) and 369G (girls) and 369 Venture Crew, are asked to gather in the Pollard UMC Sanctuary for a worship service in observance of our annual Scout Sunday.  We will have Scouts from each unit to compose a Color Guard for a flag presentation and guide the Pledge of Allegiance.  We ask that all Scouts attend to show a "Thank You" for the exceptional support we receive from the church congregation.  Again, we will meet at 8:30am in the foyer of the church sanctuary.  The Worship Service is from 9:00 to 10:00am.  Masks are required.

Troop Meeting Notes - Monday, February 8th - 7p - Troop Elections
Scout Youth Leadership Elections will be held Monday evening.  For this election cycle, we will return to the original process where the Senior Patrol Leader position shall be an elected position.  Star Scouts and above shall be eligible to run for the SPL and ASPL positions.  Scouts that plan to run for a position should be prepared to speak to the troop on why they are seeking that position.

Troop Activity on Saturday, February 13th.
We are looking to have a troop activity on Saturday, February 13th.  This will be finalized at the Troop Meeting on Monday evening.
Mr. Fowler

Monday evening Troop Meeting, January 18th, 7pm.

Posted by admin on Jan 17 2021 - 9:00pm

Time for Troop Meetings
     We have had a good Christmas break with a little added thrill of a snow storm added and it’s time to begin our face Troop meetings again.  It will be nice to see Scout friends again and to start doing some of those activities outside of just what is at school.  Monday evening, we will start our Troop meeting at our normal 7p time.  Welcome Back!
      Recharter – This Monday, we want to wrap up our Recharter for this year.  Parents, if you have not sent a check or contacted Mr. Fowler to work out the fees, you will need to do so this week.  We will contact you if we do not hear from you Monday evening.  We have a suspense of the end of this month to get the recharter completed.  For Scouts, that is $83 + $100 and registering adults are $59 + $25.  Please help us by taking care of it if you have not done so.
      Scout Hut Work Day, January 23rdThis coming Saturday, we will have our Work Day from 9a to 5p.  We have 8 projects in different areas around the Scout Hut that Scouts from Troops 369B, 369G and 369 Venture Crew will participate in fixing a number of things.  Plumbing, woodwork installing, disassembling, doorknob installation, interior designing, electrical, and shelving assembling are just a few areas where we have projects to do.  Most of these are like projects that you might find around your house.  We will have team leads in each area that will guide and teach.  We are going to use many of these projects to fill requirements for Home Repair merit badge.  We will have sign up lists at the Monday meeting and Scouts will be able to decide what they wish to do during the Work Day.  Lunch will be provided.
While attendance is not required, we are strongly encouraging ALL Scouts to make an effort to attend for some if not all of this Work Day.  Remember, Scout Spirit is one of the requirements for each rank.  Another aspect of Scouting is to be of Service to Others.  This is also a good show of part of the Scout Law where, A Scout is Loyal and Helpful.
We do hope that each Scout will see the benefits of working on your Scout Hut and working with a team to make our meeting building a better place for us all.  See you Saturday.
Mr. Fowler

No Troop Meeting, January 11th, 2021

Posted by admin on Jan 10 2021 - 8:50pm

It's Snowing!  Earlier this evening, Tyler, Chapel Hill and Whitehouse ISDs cancelled school for tomorrow.  We all will see quite a bit of snow this evening. Though temperatures will be up tomorrow during daylight, the evening will see temps in the low 30's.  The roads will be wet with the possibility of there being a travel issue for some of us.
The better part of smart means we will cancel the Monday meeting because of the weather.  We will plan on meeting next Monday so we can prepare for our Scout Hut Work Day on January 23rd.

A little bit about the Work Day.  This will be an excellent opportunity to earn the Home Repair merit badge.  We have a number of repair and home construction items, (and some demolition) to do around the Scout Hut that a scout can learn about and gain some valuable practical knowledge.  Every young person can benefit from this knowledge and experience.  It will be an interesting day for us all.
Mr. Fowler

Here is an interesting bit of information.  Your Scout Hut was built in 1957.  This year it will be 64 years old!

No Troop Meeting, January 4th, 2021

Posted by admin on Jan 3 2021 - 3:13pm

There will not be a Troop Meeting on January 4th.  Since schools are not in session yet, we are going to enjoy the holiday season a little longer. 
Enjoy being with your family this Monday evening!
Mr. Fowler

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