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Our troop meets on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm with our First Class Trail (FCT) scouts meeting at 6:00 pm.
We meet at the Pollard UMC Merket Scout Center, 3107 New Copeland Road, across from Pollard United Methodist Church.
If you would like more information, feel free to contact Scoutmaster John Fowler at or cell 361-960-4321

No Troop Meeting, January 11th, 2021

Posted by admin on Jan 10 2021 - 8:50pm

It's Snowing!  Earlier this evening, Tyler, Chapel Hill and Whitehouse ISDs cancelled school for tomorrow.  We all will see quite a bit of snow this evening. Though temperatures will be up tomorrow during daylight, the evening will see temps in the low 30's.  The roads will be wet with the possibility of there being a travel issue for some of us.
The better part of smart means we will cancel the Monday meeting because of the weather.  We will plan on meeting next Monday so we can prepare for our Scout Hut Work Day on January 23rd.

A little bit about the Work Day.  This will be an excellent opportunity to earn the Home Repair merit badge.  We have a number of repair and home construction items, (and some demolition) to do around the Scout Hut that a scout can learn about and gain some valuable practical knowledge.  Every young person can benefit from this knowledge and experience.  It will be an interesting day for us all.
Mr. Fowler

Here is an interesting bit of information.  Your Scout Hut was built in 1957.  This year it will be 64 years old!

No Troop Meeting, January 4th, 2021

Posted by admin on Jan 3 2021 - 3:13pm

There will not be a Troop Meeting on January 4th.  Since schools are not in session yet, we are going to enjoy the holiday season a little longer. 
Enjoy being with your family this Monday evening!
Mr. Fowler

Recharter for 2021

Posted by admin on Dec 20 2020 - 2:30pm

Recharter and Scout Registrations
   Our annual Scout registration and Troop Recharter is this month.  This year our Recharter fees are $83 per Scout and $59 per adult leader.  We will need those fees to be able to recharter each Troop member by the end of December.  The fees are set by BSA National and we are not able to adjust them.  Please help us by letting us know how you want to make these payments. 
   We also have our $100 Annual Troop Activity fee that helps defray our costs for fuel, campout food for each monthly campout, and the many other costs like canoe rental, park entry fees, Perot Museum merit badge costs and other activities.  This fee covered most, if not all, operating costs for this coming year.  You may take care of this fee in one payment of $100 or as a quarterly payment of $30 each quarter.  The one time payment does save you $20, so there is an incentive to make the one payment.
    Here are a few ways these fees may be paid.  Check or Cash.  If you give permission, we can deduct the amounts from Scout Accounts.  Mr. Fowler can give you the balance in your Scout's account with a quick text.  All you need do is ask.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me.
Mr. Fowler

Troop Christmas Party and Overnighter

Posted by admin on Dec 10 2020 - 11:47am

Here are some notes about our weekend plans:

1) On Friday evening, Scouts will meet at the Scout Hut at 5:30pm to load up the small trailer with a stove, chuck box, lanterns and fuel. We will travel out to Ms. Cece's from there.  We will leave about 6pm.  On Saturday, we will return to the Scout Hut by about 10:30am. 

2)  Some things to remember to bring:  A mask, your Camp Cup, a chair, favorite board game and your gift.  Scouts will bunk down in the loft over the stalls so bring a floor cover and mattress.  Temps will be in the 60's in the evening, dropping into the mid-40's at night.  While the barn will be heated, plan for a warm sleeping bag.  Don't forget rain gear.

3)  Parents, we would like to ask that you bring some snacks for later evening while the boys play games.

4)  We plan to wrap it up Saturday morning about 10:30am.  For those Scouts that are participating in the fruit sale, we are expecting the truck to be in late Saturday morning.  We need for those Scouts to stick around the Scout Hut with us to help unload the 90+ boxes of fruit.  We will order some pizzas for Saturday noon for those helping out.  All Scouts are invited to stay and help if they would like pizza for lunch.
Mr. Fowler

Troop Meeting, December 7, 7pm, and our Troop Christmas Party, December 11

Posted by admin on Dec 6 2020 - 10:55pm

Monday evening Troop Meeting, December 7, 7pm
   Our regular Monday evening Troop meeting will commence at 7pm as usual.  Since we were able to get our patrol cookware cleaned well last week, each patrol will spend some time reloading our chuck boxes.  We’ll also want to do an inventory to make sure we have all our necessary gear.  We will also fold some of our retirement flags.
Recharter is Upon Us Once Again
   We will begin accepting funds for the 2021 Recharter for Scouts and Leaders.  Recharter fees are $83/Scout and $59/Adult leader.  You may take care of the $100 troop activity fee at one time or pay it quarterly in 2021.  We must have the Recharter completed this month so please help us by taking care of this soon.  If your Scout has funds in his Scout account, those funds may be used for fees as well.
Troop Christmas Party/ Overnighter, December 11, 6pm
    Friday evening will be our annual Troop Christmas Party.  Ms. Allen has graciously volunteered her barn for the party this year.  For our gift giving, you guys decided that the one gift we will each bring, should cost no more than $15, and it should be something that each Scout would want to buy for himself.  The troop will provide dinner and snacks for later.
    Following dinner and gift giving, a evening of Capture the Flag in one of Ms. Cece’s fields will be offered.
    For those that are interested, Scouts will be able to stay overnight in the loft over the stalls in the barn.  For those that wish more of a challenge, you can spend the night under the stars or in a tent.  Your choice.
    On Saturday morning, the troop will provide breakfast and everyone will be able to head for home about 10:30am.
New Water Heater to be Installed in the Scout Hut
    We have just been approved by our Troop sponsor, Pollard UMC, to install a new water heater in the Scout Hut.  That should help with our equipment cleaning a very great deal. Hopefully, we will have in installed before Christmas.
Mr. Fowler

Monday evening Troop Meeting, November 30, 7pm, NO FCT meeting

Posted by admin on Nov 30 2020 - 12:08am

We will have our Monday evening Troop Meeting, November 30, 7pm, NO FCT meeting
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we do hope that your Thanksgiving was peaceful and calm.  We have just a short time before Christmas and we are hoping that this next month will also be peaceful for you.
Announcement:  Scoutbook was moved to a new domain name – – effective November 23, 2020.  If you are having trouble with your Scoutbook login, use this link and you should get to it easily –

December 11th, we will plan for our Troop Christmas Party and overnighter.  This year, Ms. Cece has volunteered her barn for a meeting place.  We will have a White Elephant gift exchange there.  We might just make it into an overnighter.  Jonathan Burt has also planned out a Capture the Flag area so a longer game is a possibility.  Sign up is on the right.
It is also time for Recharter. We know that the registration fee for each scout will be $66 and the insurance is $17.  That comes to $83 for registration + insurance.  Adult fee is $42 + $17 = $59.
The troop activity fee is still $100 and covers monthly camping + food+ fuel costs for all of 2021.  Each Scout will need to register and cover the troop activity fee.  Total = $183/scout.
We will be collecting fees during early December.  If you wish to use scout account funds, contact us for how much is in your scout’s account.
Mr. Fowler

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