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We're glad you are visiting.  Just like our scouts, we are finding new ways to keep the adventure going.  You are welcome to look over our information in the menus to the left.
Our troop meets on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm with our First Class Trail (FCT) scouts meeting at 6:00 pm.
We meet at the Pollard UMC Merket Scout Center, 3107 New Copeland Road, across from Pollard United Methodist Church.
If you would like more information, feel free to contact Scoutmaster John Fowler at or cell 361-960-4321

Regular Troop Meeting Monday, October 11th, 7pm

Posted by admin on Oct 10 2021 - 9:51pm

Our October 11th Troop meeting will focus on preparing for our Dinosaur Valley State Park this coming weekend.  This campout has evolved into a short backpacking trip as our assigned campsites are located in the Southern primitive camping area.  The distance to carry our gear is about 1/2 mile.  If you have been to Winding Stairs, this hike is less than half of that distance.  Plus it should be an easy, fairly flat walk.

For the meeting, we will plan to meet at the Scout Hut since our gear is there.  The weather should work well for us and the temperature should helpful.
Mr. Fowler

2021 Merit Badge Midway at SFA, October 9th, 2021

Posted by admin on Oct 1 2021 - 9:00pm

Three weeks ago, we announced a Merit Badge opportunity for any Scout wanting to earn some badges. Here is more info:
Date – Saturday, October 9th, 2021
Time – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where – SFASU Forestry Building, Nacogdoches, Texas
Cost – $20 Per Person
Contact Person – Lena Nickle
Phone – 936-366-3498
Email –
Merit Badges Offered: Animal Science, Environmental Science*, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Indian Lore, Personal Management* and Reptile and Amphibian Study
*Eagle Required
 The link to register is:
This is an optional Scouting opportunity.  If interested, contact Mr. Fowler for some transportation arrangements. 

National Scout Jamboree Announcement

Posted by admin on Sep 29 2021 - 10:27pm

Just Announced This Wednesday Evening:
National Scout Jamboree
July 19-28, 2023

Regular Troop Meeting Monday, September 27th, 7pm

Posted by admin on Sep 27 2021 - 3:13pm

We will have our regular Troop Meeting this evening at 7pm in the Church Gym.  We will be talking about our camping schedule for this next year and Scouts will be deciding on some of the places where we will go.  We will also talk about Summer Camp next summer. (Hint: Camp Daniel Boone, maybe)
Our Taste of ScoutWest was a great success!  We raised a little over $5,500 for the Troop General Fund.  Those funds will help defray our monthly camping trips and outings.  That's is a good, solid amount considering we lost TOSW last year.  Not quite as good as in previous years, but it will help with expenses during this coming year.  We learned several lessons so we'll be able to do much better in 2022.

We also wish to update you on our Scout Hut repairs.  The electrical rework has been completed. Our roof issues from the fallen tree in January has also been completed.  We now await our HVAC system replacement.  Our last report is that most of the components have been located except for the AC coil.  That part is in testing and is delayed.  While we could buy an AC coil, we are patient and able to wait for one to become available sometime in the near future.  Fortunately, with cooler weather coming, we should be able to begin using the Hut again soon anyway.  We will let you know when we are able to do that.
Mr. Fowler

We have a Great Taste of ScoutWest ahead!

Posted by admin on Sep 15 2021 - 9:54pm

This weekend is going to a very busy one for Troop 369.  Sunday is Taste of ScoutWest (TOSW) and Saturday is set up for TOSW and for some, volunteering for the Tyler Run for Autism. Here are some things that you will want to know:

WE NEED DESSERTS for both the meal and for Auction
.  We need sheet cakes for the meal and decorated cakes and cookies for the Auction sale.
Please make some cakes, cookies and confections for Sunday. Bring them either Saturday or Sunday.

Tickets:  Bring what money you have from ticket sales on Saturday morning.  If selling on Saturday, bring all remaining tickets and money on Sunday morning.
Saturday:  Tyler Run for Autism volunteers will want to show by 0745. We will be helping with water and some trash pickup.  OA guys will be doing the flag ceremony at 0800.  The Run begins at 0830.  After the Autism Run is finished about 1100, volunteers can go to the gym for TOSW set up.
Also Saturday:  TOSW setup begins 0830 in the gym and kitchen.  Mr. Garrity needs help prepping vegetables. Table set up will begin at 0900. Table dressing and prep begins after table set up.  ALL AVAILABLE SCOUTS ARE NEEDED.   Setup should be completed by noon.
Sunday: Showtime is 0830 for ALL Scouts in the gymClass A uniform with Sash. We will complete meal preparation and jobs will be decided.  We will complete serving at 1:00pm.  Cleanup should take about an hour and we should be finished by 3:00pm.
We are looking for our Taste of ScoutWest return to be a big success.  With everyone pitching in and thinking of being of service to others, we can have an excellent experience and a lot of fun as well.  See you Saturday! 
Mr. Fowler

Troop Meeting Monday, September 13th, 7pm

Posted by admin on Sep 13 2021 - 4:13pm

We will have our Scout meeting this evening at the church gym.  Scouts will meet in the church parking lot at 7pm.  After a game, the troop will meet in the church gym.  We have several things going during this coming week and we will be busy preparing for Taste of ScoutWest and the Autism Run this weekend.  See you soon.
Mr. Fowler

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